Inside The Warm Temperate Biome 

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02/02/01 Vines some planted. Olives trees, and walls built

vines-b-2020031.jpg (65376 bytes)   warm-b-2020032.jpg (70401 bytes)   wall-b-2020034.jpg (92530 bytes)   step-b-2020028.jpg (84121 bytes)

02/02/01 Plants and views along the California section 

plants5-b-2020022.jpg (86043 bytes)   Pond-b-2020023.jpg (89210 bytes)   rocks-b-2020025.jpg (82400 bytes)   flowers-b-2020026.jpg (76926 bytes)

02/02/01 Its very warm in here but feel dry.

olive3-b-2020015.jpg (92166 bytes)   olive4-b-2020017.jpg (70582 bytes)   plants-b-2020020.jpg (83999 bytes)   cati-b-2020021.jpg (84929 bytes)

02/02/01  Lots of olive trees and light, planting going well.

warm-wall-b-2020009.jpg (67705 bytes)   hive-b-2020011.jpg (80898 bytes)   olive-b-2020013.jpg (92518 bytes)   olive2-b-2020014.jpg (97021 bytes)

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