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Eden's friends visit to Trelowarren 20th May 2005

Eden's friends trip to Guernsey 9th May 2004

Eden's friends visit to HMS Endeavour at Penzance Harbour 21st August 2004

Friends of Eden Information Page

Friends of Eden Special Events

Friends are now called Members and have extra benefits

10% off Food and drink in the eating places and Shop items


All meeting start at 6pm sharp drinks from 5.30pm unless otherwise stated.


This information is unofficial, but to the best of my knowledge is correct.

Friends Desk At Eden 01726 811932  Just give them a call!

(Friends program coped from the guide Thank you)




Cornish Memories - with Tom Hoblyn  12th September

Garden designer Tom Hoblyn used his childhood experiences and memories of Cornwall to create his 2011 Chelsea garden,

 which now resides at Eden. Join Tom as he talks about the inspiration behind the Cornish Memories garden,

and its continued evolution at the Eden Project



A meeting of Eden friends took place at 2.00pm on 12th Feb.Fiona Dunsmore introduced, Mike and Issey with the help of Dan Ryan,

 Eden’s Conservation Specialist. To learn about the Inga Foundation.  Watch the Video here



19/06/12 Andrew Cooper, television producer, talked about his latest book - Dartmoor National Park,

to friends of Eden in the Foundation Building.


Water and flood defence at Eden

Thursday 24 November
Friends to meet 2pm by the Link Building information kiosk; free to Eden Friends




Join Chris Hastings, Eden’s Site Safety Manager, and David Moore, our Maintenance Manager,

as they take you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the engineering systems that keep Eden afloat.

Chris will examine some of the events that happened last November when Eden flooded,

and Dave will demonstrate some of the systems that cope

with the gallons of water that pour down onto the Eden site every day.

A night of festive celebrations at the Eden Shop

Thursday 1 December
6pm – 9pm; free to Eden Friends and guests (by invitation only)



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Lots of goodies on offer - all at reduced prices for invited guests !

  All happening at the Friends of Eden shopping evening. (Photos from Carol)


Music to put you in the Christmas mood during the evening. Restormel Concert Band entertained the shoppers

 with festive music that was much appreciated by everyone. (Photos from Carol)


A guided trip around Eden’s Orchard with an introduction to Eden’s Bees
Thursday 18 August, 6pm


Nearly 40 of Eden's Friends enjoyed a chance to listen and learn about the work carried out in the orchard,

this area is not generally open to the public. Picture above, Magnum Bonum apple.

 Thank you to Carol for the Pictures


Dr Andrew Ormerod - Eden's Head of Economic Botany Research and Development - holds an unusual

Pendragon apple which has red Flesh.

There are currently 13 beehives in the orchard and each one houses approximately 50,000 bees! 


Afternoon tea with Eden’s new Master Baker


Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with Master Baker Phil Harrison



James Wong 6th October


Ethnobotanist James Wong is best known as a presenter on Countryfile and for his

award-winning BBC TV series  Grow Your Own Drugs.

 Incredible Edibles, revealing the astonishing array of rare, exotic and luxury foods that

can be grown by even the least green-fingered among us.

Video clip to get the feel of the evening.




Thursday 7 April: Talk by Ken Thompson
6pm, Foundation Building, free to Friends

Ken Thompson with some food for thought on biodiversity.


Tuesday 12 April: An evening with St Austell Camera Club6pm, Foundation Building,  free to Friends

They have consequently put together an evening full of fun and surprises.


Eden's Friends, Robyn and The Club Secretary.  The winner of the fun knock out was Eden's

very own Carol. Runner up was myself, Winning pictures below.


Carol's Winner picture of Eden 'Reflections'  and the runner up.


Heather introduced Tony and an exciting illustrated talk followed.


Tony signed copies of his huge book and posters.


Thursday 19 May: The Great Explorers, Talk by Robin Hanbury-Tenison
6pm, Foundation Building


Robin answering questions after the talk
Robin Hanbury-Tenison, hailed by the Sunday Times as ‘the greatest explorer of the past twenty years’,

will return to Eden to talk to Friends about his latest project as editor of

The Great Explorers, written by an international team of distinguished writers,

 led by Robin himself. These 40 extraordinary men and women opened up

our eyes to the amazing physical and natural wealth of our planet.  



Beer & Brewing evening-The Brilliant Beer Company ,

Thursday 11th March 6pm in the Gallery (£5)

Explore how tastes and drinking patterns have changed over the

years and consider the history and origin of beer and brewing

 through practical demonstrations and tasting.


The Brilliant Beer Company laid on a splendid evening for Friend of Eden in the Foundation Building

six different beers were tasted with food that went with the beers.


The profiteroles went amazingly well with Bacchus Kriek -Cherry Beer


Herbal Medicine - A talk by Alan Payne

Thursday 18th Match 6pm Foundation Building


Alan Payne, a Herbalist & Naturopathic Iridologist, gave a talk to Friends of Eden in the Foundation Building.

 Seen here offering a spoon full of a  tincture of dandelion to a volunteer.


18/03/10 Eden's Teresa, was another volunteer for a taste of a different tincture.  I was hiding behind my camera.

  A day workshop about herbs is being held on Friday 16th April with Alan.

 Contact friends if you would like to attend and learn a lot more about herbs from out herbs.


Craft Traditions Old and New - Talk by Bryan Sentance

Tuesday 30th March 6pm  Foundation Building (Free)


Bryan Sentance, being introduced by Carol, at a talk to Eden's Friends in the foundation Building.

   Surrounded by craft traditions from around the world and a chance to buy his new book that features many of them


May 2010


An Inspirational Lecture on Science and Wonder - Richard Holmes

Tuesday 11th May at 6pm in the Foundation Building


Richard Holmes, taking about his groundbreaking book 'The Age of Wonder'


Richard Holmes, With the first attempt 'Harry Potter' style cover for his book, later a book signing.

  Richard is an incredible story teller, so buy the book!



Eden at Night - Linda Rutenberg

Wednesday 19th May at 6pm



These are some of my Eden at night photos, I can't wait to see Linda's pictures.


Canadian artist Linda Rutenberg will speak about her new photography exhibition on show in The Core at Eden from 17 May - 31 July called

 Eden at Night. Linda's latest book The English Garden at Night, journeys into ten of England's most prestigious gardens,

 including Eden and captures the spirit and essence of each garden in the "sensory richness of the night."

We hope you will come and meet Linda and enjoy a peaceful stroll around the exhibition. Prints and Linda's new book will also be on sale.

This event is free for Friends of Eden. If you would like tickets please email Carolyn or follow the link below.


Creating a Forest garden - Martin Crawford

Monday 19th July (foundation building)


Copies of his new book 'Creating a forest Garden' were on sale after the Video and questions.


A Summer Evening Walk around Eden with Sir Ghillean Prance and senior horticultural Team

Don Murray, Alistair Griffiths and Bob Brett.

23rd July 2010


Alistair, Eden Carolyn, Sir Iain and Rob.   A gardeners report from high up in the tree canopy.


It's something very special to have Eden just to yourselves, even better with the skilled horticultural Team

to answer those question that you have always wanted to ask. A splendid buffet supper near the Med Cafe.

I was unable to attend this evening and how disappointed was I!! Carol was there and Thank you to

Carol for these wonder pictures.



Past Friends Events

August 2009


What's on the Menu - Wild Style - talk By Marcus Harrison

 Wednesday 12th 6pm Foundation Building Tickets £5



September 2009


Take Two Cooks - talk by Michael Michaud and cookery demonstration by

Helen Choudhury and Pheeraya Hill  Thursday 10th Sept. Morocco Restaurant

6pm Tickets £5


The steam soon started to rise from Helen Choundhury's cook pot. Pheeraya Hill, used some

 amazing spices also lots of garlic and Chillies supplied by Michael Michaud 'Chillies by Post'


Tasting the different dishes was all part of the fun and from smooth citrus yogurt to blow your head off chillies and garlic,

 what an interesting evening. Get more out of Eden and join friends now.   Video Clip



October 2009


Grow Your Own Drugs - A talk by BBC2's  Presenter James Wong

Friday 30th Oct. 6pm in the Gallery Ticket £15 




     If you missed the talk or just want to listen again.   Video Clip 1  2  3  4


November 2009


Penguins and Parrots - a day visit to Paradise Park in Hayle

Thursday 5th November


Friends have a great time at Paradise Park, many thanks to Carolyn for the pictures of two lovely birds!


Grow Your Own Veg. Talk by Carol Klein from BBCs Gardeners' World

Tuesday 17th November


Carolyn and Carol Klein and the two Carols, Just before a talk to Eden Friends in the Gallery,

on 'Grow your own Veg'


December 2009


Mining at Eden - A talk by Georgina Pearman

Wednesday  2nd December - Free to Friends - 6pm Foundation Building


Georgina Pearman, from Eden's Foundation Team, gave an overview of Eden's longstanding partnership

 with Rio Tinto and the activates of the post mining alliance, to Friends of Eden in the Foundation Building.

  Carol presenting flowers to thank Georgina


Orangutan Rescue - A talk by Lone Droscher-Nielsen

Tuesday 8th December £3   6pm in the The Gallery


Lone and an Orangutan.  Vote of thanks for the evening by Eden's Carol.


February 2009


Visit to Watering Lane Nurseries  Friday 27th


Inside the tropical greenhouse. Roger Wasley, Nursery Manager,

introduces some Eden Friends to part of the nursery. (photos from Carol as I missed the visit)



March 2009


Painting at the Edge of the World. An illustrated lecture by artist Tony Foster

This event is now at 6 pm on March 3 Foundation Building, Training Room. £3 for Friends.


Eden's Carolyn and Tony Foster, with his mini paint box, after a talk to the friends of Eden in the Foundation Building.

 There was a chance to buy his new book and get it signed. Thank you Carol for the first picture.


April 2009


Eden at Chelsea

27th April Monday 6.00pm

Eden's Howard Jones will talk to Friends about how preparations for Eden's

stand at the Chelsea Show are progressing.

A talk by Howard Jones in the Foundation Building (Free)


May 2009


Eden Behind the Scenes   22nd May Thursday 2pm


A Tour with the new Temperate Curator Rob Brett.

Leading horticulturalist Rob Brett has moved from the glasshouse at Cambridge

University Botanic Garden to take charge of Eden's Mediterranean Biome and

 the Outdoor Biome of 13 hectares and the outer estate of 89 hectares. Rob

will give Friends an insight into his work and share plans for the future.

 £5 tour only or 12.50 including lunch in the Zzub Zzub restaurant before the Tour.


Weeds - A talk by Ken Thompson

21st May Thursday 6pm Foundation Building. £3 per person


Rainforest:  Light and Spirit,   28th May Thursday 6pm Foundation Building £3 per person

A Talk by Sir Ghillean Prance and Harry Holcroft


Natural History Painting and Talk to Celebrate the Life of Charles Darwin.

Rosie Martin, Meriel Thurstan and Cyril Aydon

Weekends 29-31 May and 5-7 June £130 per weekend (including lunches and talks)

Contact Meriel on 01823 444994


Charles Darwin - A Childlike Sense of Wonder  29th May Friday 6 pm Foundation Building

A talk by author Cyril Aydon


July 2009


Metallophytes: Plants and Mettle - a Talk by Professor Alan Baker

2nd July Tuesday 6pm Foundation Building (Free)



Patrick Holden CBE, Director of the Soil Association gave a talk on

 'The Future of Food and Farming' to friends of Eden in the Gallery. Tim Smit gave the vote of thanks.

Video Clip part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4


Herbs for You - a talk by Simon Miles.


 Teresa introduces Simon Miles to friend of Eden just before a talk on 'Herbs for You'

Simon is a Master Herbalist and Iridologist and is currently

creating a herb garden which is to open in 2009  Web link 

Watch the talk video clip  part 1    Part 2      Part 3     Part 4


Visits to The Gambia and Montenegro

Eden is planning a return visit to Makasutu in the Gambia and also running a friends

botanical journey to Montenegro in May - contact Carolyn on 01726 811910



April 2008


Bob Flowerdew - The Gourmet Gardener 10th April  (talk)


Bob Flowerdew, gave a talk to friends of Eden in the Gallery on 'The Gourmet Gardener' the title of his new book.

Wednesday 30 April   Christian Lamb - I Only Joined For The Hat (Talk)

Christian Lamb, gave a fascinating illustrated talk to friends of Eden, in the Foundation Building,

on how she joined the Wrens and what she got up to before and during the war.

Wed 7 May  Fred Pearce - Confessions of an Eco Sinner

The Core 6pm drinks in Jo's Cafe 6.30pm (talk)

Photos form Carol, thank you, as I missed this talk.


October 2007

Wild about Cornwall - David Chapman

Wednesday 17 (talk) free


David Chapman at a friends meeting, afterwards there was a chance to buy his book

 'Wild about Cornwall'  and get it signed.  Unfortunately his jumper was not for sale!

The Vitamin Murders;
Who Killed Healthy Eating in Britain - James Fergusson

Thursday 25 (Talk) Free


James Fergussion, signing his book, 'The Vitamin Murders' following a talk to the friends

of Eden in the Foundation Building.

Nov 2007


Putting Down Roots - Cyril Aydon

Friday 16 (Talk)

Cyril Aydon gave a talk to friends of Eden on his new book 'The Story of Man'

There was a chance to buy his book and get it signed.

Dec 2007

Sea Change; Britain's Coastal Catastrophe - Richard Girling

Wednesday 5 (Talk) Free


Richard Girling Signing his new book 'Sea Change' after a talk to friends.

The Constant Gardener Trust - Annie Channing Williams

Thursday 6 (talk) Free


Annie Channing Williams from 'The Constant Gardner Trust' gave a talk to friend and showed off

her wares that have been brought back from Kenya on sale in her shop at Marazion

Cornwall 'Sweet Charity'

Gardenwise Recycling - Sue Fisher

Monday 10 (talk)


Sue Fisher, pictured here displaying a Domestic Food Digester (a Bokashi bucket) following her talk to Friends of Eden.

 Sue is passionate in her beliefs about environmentally friendly gardening and gave a very interesting talk.  Video Clip

To Kill or Cure -A question of dose - Juliet Hemming

Wednesday 12 (talk)


Juliet Hemming gave a fascinating talk to friends of Eden on Poisonous plants.

 Most have medical uses at the right dose and can work as a Cure rather then a kill. Video Clip 1

 Video Clip 2 Deadly Nightshade and Datura    Video Clip 3 Hemlock and Yew Foxglove

Video Clip 4 Mistletoe, Arum Maculatum (Lords and Ladies)


Past events 2007


Thursday 26th July Fibonacci Talk - Ron Knott  (talk)


Fibonacci Talk to friends of Eden in the Foundation Building by  Dr Ron Knott, a maths

and computing lecturer formerly of Surrey University. We learnt how nature uses magic

 numbers and The Golden Section and how architects are using golden proportions in

their buildings, as in the Core at Eden.  Fibonacci Ron's web site

Video clip Dr Ron Knott (bees)    Clip2 Fibonacci the man


 Summer Gardening, Anne Swithenbank - Friday 27th April 2007



October 2006

No work gardening - Bob Flowerdew   Fri 27th


Bob Flowerdew being warmly thanked by Gaynor after a talk to a packed Gallery of friends of Eden.


November 2006



29 November – Local photographer Andy Hughes will talk to Friends about his new book of stunning photographs, Dominant Wave Theory.



December 2006


14 December – Festive Cornish folk songs with Mike Bosworth and late night

 Christmas shopping for Friends.


Mike Bosworth in the Core with friends of Eden. An evening of Cornish folk songs The Turning of the Year.

  Friends of Eden helping out with the chorus of some of the songs


January 2006


25 January – Matthew Biggs talks about his fantastic new book Gardening at Eden


Matthew Biggs, gardening broadcaster, writer and lecturer, chaired a panel of Eden's gardeners

 who were happy to answer questions put to them from a packed audience of Eden friends.

  It was a very lively and entertaining evening packed with laughter.


Matthew's superb book 'Gardening at Eden' which is full of wonderful photographs by Caroline Hughes.

(pictured above on the right)


February 2006



22 February – In Conversation with James Lovelock and Richard Mabey


Tim, introducing James Lovelock and Richard Mabey for tonight's talk 'A Conversation' on The Countryside

and global warming, "weather" we like it or not it's happening.


After the talk and question time members from the packed gallery of "Friends" were thrilled to get their

books personally signed by James, author of 'Gaia and the Revenge of Gaia'


Richard Mabey author of Eden's Fencing Paradise and Flora Britannica.


Past Events


July 2006


Silk painting Course - Hilary Simon  Sat 29th-Sun 30th (course £80)


August 2006


Cornwall from above - John Such Thurs 3rd  (talk free)


John Such signing his book 'Cornwall from Above' at a friends meeting in the foundation building.

  The welcoming face of Meriel Thurstan greeting friends on arrival.


Hard Rain at The Eden Project - Mark Edwards   Thurs 10th  (event free)


Mark Edwards, at an audio, video presentation  of 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' inspired

by Bob Dylan's famous song and incorporating photographs from Marks personal archive.


Word Premiere of 'Still Warm' - Graham Fitkins and Ruth Wall  Sat 19th (event £10)


September 2006



Lunch at Fifteen Cornwall  - Fifteen Cornwall     Fri 15th  (visit £25)


Very good surf and weather for the friends lunch at Fifteen Cornwall.  Jamie Oliver restaurant

at Water Gate Bay, a perfect place to enjoy good food and friends company.



Meriel's Farewell party for friends of Eden was held in the Gallery on the

 19th September.  Meriel has been organising friends events since Eden opened.



Chinese brush painting – a 2 day course 18/19 November

Come and try the beautiful and ancient art of Chinese brush painting with artist Xiao Bai Li at Eden on . This 2-day course is designed for beginners of all ages and abilities and will cover a range of different styles and techniques. Xiao Bai says that Chinese brush painting is good for your health as it is very relaxing and induces a sense of calm and serenity; in China it is believed to lead to a long and happy life!  Contact Carolyn Trevivian on 01726 811910 for details.





Past events


April 2006


Golden Harvest - Andrew Tompsett,  Fri 28th (talk free)



Friends of Eden enjoying a glass of wine on the veranda of the Foundation Building before a

 talk by Andrew Tompsett on Daffodil growing in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

May 2006


In conversation - Tim Smit, Richard Girling, Leo Hickman, Wed 3rd

 (event, Free to friends or  £5 visitors)


Tim Smit, talking to Leo Hickman before the 'In Conversation' talk in the Core where

 200 friends of Eden were gathered


Dave, Eden's Marking Director introduced the Speakers Richard Girling,

 Leo Hickman and Chairman Tim Smit.


Leo Hickman, of the Guardian talked on 'A Life Stripped Bare' and Richard Girling talked a load of

'Rubbish'.  Tim in his usual amusing and amazing way brought the whole proceedings down to

Earth with optimistic thoughts for the future of a Greener and better world


Book launch party - Meriel Thurstan & Rosie Martin,  Wed 10th ( event, free)



Launch Party, for 'Botanical Illustration Course with the Eden Project' by co-authors

and illustrators Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan. The party was held in the

Gallery for friends of Eden and special guests.


Words from the publisher of the book, with Tim and friends looking on.


Meriel, Book signing and meeting up with old friends.


Visit to Luxulyan Valley, Sun 14th

(visit and walk Free and no need to book, just turn up at Ponts Mill 10.30am)



Walking through the blue bells in the Luxulyan Valley.


The Restless Earth - Cyril Aydon, Fri 19th



Eden's Carolyn, introducing Cyril, who is already well know to the friends of Eden.


The Legacy of John Evelyn, Maggie Campbell-Culver, Thurs 25th (talk free)



Maggie-Campbell-Culver gave an illustrated talk and a chance to buy her new book

'A Passion for Trees' and have it signed as well.  Eden's Mike Petty, here demonstrating

how to switch off unwanted illumination, if you have lost the remote control.


Evening retail event, Tues 30th  (free)



John Dyer travelled to Banrock Station to paint on location and here are John and Tony with ten

 of his paintings.  All capturing the work of conservation of the wetlands

June 2006


Asian cookery demonstration and tasting - Sri Owen, Tues 6th (event £5)



Friends of Eden in the link building for a Asian cookery demonstration and tasting session with Sri Owen.

 Sri Owen web site


The Truth about wildlife gardening - Ken Thompson, Wed 28th (talk free)



Ken Thompson, (middle) and wife,  Mike Petty (right) on the veranda of the

Foundation Building before a friend talk, 'The truth about wildlife gardening' a book signing followed,

Ken's new book  'No Nettles Required'


Past events January 2006


Painting the Wilderness - Tony Foster Thurs 26th  (talk,  free)


Tony Foster holding a poster of an incredibly remote and spectacular waterfall.  Painting the

 wildness in water colour was the subject of a slide show and talk for friends of Eden.

  Mostly large (6 foot) water colour paintings, painted on site over several days using

a micro paint box seen above.


Tony Foster set up on the edge of the Grand Canyon, the huge sheets of paper are stored in an

aluminium tube.  Partially completed detailed painting of the Grand Canyon.


February 2006


Turkey - Ian Martin  Wed 1st  (talk free)


Ian Martin gave Friends of Eden an illustrated talk about Turkey, where he ran a workshop at the

 International Congress on Ethnobotany.  Ian seen here with some of the pottery

 that he brought back with him.


The Barefoot College of Tilonia - Bunker Roy   Fri 3ed  (talk Free)


Bunker Roy, Founder and Director of the Barefoot College in India pictured here with Eden's Sue Hill.

 Tim's introduction (of Bunker) to The Friends of Eden took place in The Core Building and was

 followed by an amazing talk on Demystifying Technology.


Kosovo Talk - Pam Dawes  Fri 10th (talk free)


Pam Dawes, one of the founder leaders of the Manchester Aid to Kosovo and

Sue Hill, Eden's Artistic Director. Saranda Bogujeci, one of the survivors of the massacre

 that took place in 1999  gave a talk to friends of Eden on the building and planting of the

 'Peace Park'  find out more web link



Herbal medicine from the hedgerows - Juliet Hemming  Wed 15th (talk £5)


Juliet Hemming MNIMH,  who is a Herbal Medicine Practitioner from Penzance gave friends of

Eden a talk on Herbal Medicine from our Hedgerows.


Friends of Eden tasting samples of tinctures of the main types of herbal remedies.

Info: Penzance Natural Health Centre, No5 Morrab Road, Penzance Tel:(01736) 360522



Homesteaders Course - Peter Hobson  Sat 25th  (course £40)


March 2006



Wonderfoods - Natalie Savona    Thurs 16th  (talk £5)

more info


Scientific Curiosity - Cyril Aydon  Fri 31st    (talk  free)


Cyril Aydon - Testing that friends of Eden can still see straight after some Eden wine and then signing

his new book, Scientific Curiosity on which his talk was based. A fairly dry subject which was brought

 to life in a way only Cyril can.  Buy the book!


Past events

October 2005


Fencing Paradise -Richard Mabey Tues  18th (Free talk)


Dave (Eden's marketing manger) after a short update on currently what's happening at Eden,

then introduces Richard Mabey to the friends of Eden for a talk on his new book Fencing Paradise.


Richard talked and read passages from his book that described how Eden affected his personal

sensory awareness. Meriel looking after the book sales.


A chance to get your book signed, the room was full of Eden celebrities this evening.

Sue Hill, created the superb illustrations in the book, so lots of signings!


November 2005


Evening tour of The Core   Tues 1st (free visit)


 The first of two friends tours of the 'Core' Jo, surrounded by Eden's friends, gave us lots of info

on the build and exhibits. A view of the Exhibit Hall from the offices on the top floor.


 Friends were shown areas where the public do not usually have access, This was one of the

 four class rooms.  'George' gave us lots if interesting facts on the building.


Here we are in the central core, where the giant seed of granite will be lowered some time next year.

 The floor is just being laid with the granite from the same quarry.  Visitors will be allowed in here shortly,

as soon as the floor is finished


Eden Update - Dave Meneer  Thurs 3rd (free talk)



The man in the lights tonight was David with loads of statistics and info on how Eden continues to grow.

A packed Gallery of friend listened intently, and asked some interesting questions and had

 some good answers back from Dave.


Film Evening - Robin Kewell  Mon 21st (free talk/films)


December 2005


Visit to Morlaix, Brittany  Fri 9th (visit £160)



Coming in June 2006 –  the first Friends visit to China’s north west Yunnan region, which will include visits to Tiger-Leaping Gorge, Jade Snow Mountain, Ganh Ho Ba Valley and a chance to explore the wild flowers beside the Baishui River – The visit will be led by Sir Christopher Grey-Wilson who was senior Botanist at RBG Kew and is now editor of the Alpine Garden Society magazine.  This is a unique opportunity to go off the beaten track and see the stunning floral wealth of this extraordinary part of the world. Contact Carolyn Trevivian for further details  01726 811910


02/08/05 Mark Carwardine gave a talk to friends of Eden in the Gallery at 6.30pm


02/08/05 The talk covered experiences with wild animals and wild people, Mark's books

were on sale after the talk, I gather all three for my collection.



14/04/05 Friends of Eden on the veranda of the Foundation building, before a film evening presented

 by Film-maker, Robin Kewell, seen in the second picture talking to Carolyn Trevivian Eden friends manager.

 Journey to Cocos island - Robin  Kewell


April Monday 18th 2005 - Flax and cotton, silk and wool - Dawn Riggs


May Wednesday 11th 2005 A walk on the wild side - David Shepherd


May Friday 20th 2005 Visit to Trelowarren - Sir Ferrers Vyvyan full report

Sir Ferrers explains his future plans for the gardens.   Lunch in the New Yard Restaurant.



A few of the past years friend activities.



Chocolate talk and tasting (yum yum ed's comment) Sara Jayne-Stanes

September 2004 Tuesday 28th


15/10/04 Dr Susanne Schmitt gave a talk to friends of Eden on

 'How Sustainable is our Green Health'

 Sue Minter (right) Head of Eden's living collection.

Find out more about Plants for People

29/10/04  Medicinal plants across North America - Steven Foster


04/11/04  Friends Preview of the New Skating rink at Eden  6pm.


12/11/04  Herbal medicine traditions - Rocio Alarcon

18/11/04  World patterns in traditional use of medicinal plants  -  Simon Mills




Tasting nettle tea and much rubbing on of potions.


Do check out the Official site for Eden, a link at the bottom of this page.