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Eden's Friends Trip to Guernsey 9th May 2004


Newquay Airport was the starting point for The Friends of Eden trip to Guernsey, Carolyn took charge as we boarded the Skybus at 09:00 on a bright and sunny morning.


Good coastal views from St Mawgan Porth to Newquay were admired by all, we even glimpsed Eden as we flew overhead. Later in the day we were treated to a closer view.


 We flew over St Peters Port as we arrived, below we spotted a fun fair which had been erected for the celebration of Liberation day and would be open later. After landing we took a short coach journey, followed by a walk once the lane became too narrow for traffic. Millefleurs


 David was our guide for the day, he led our party down to Millefleurs garden where we were given a map and left to wander in this glorious paradise.   Link to Millefleurs garden.


Wandering in the gardens, never knowing what to expect around the corner.


The Palm Lawn - Millefleurs


The South African Border -  Millefleurs


Shady pathways and sunlit valleys all add to the welcoming atmosphere of this beautiful garden.


The lake which is at the bottom of the garden, once supplied fresh water for the whole of Guernsey.


Leaving the garden through a back gate and following the sloping path we came across these delightful cottages.


 Lunch was served at 12:30 at the Cafe du Moulin Restaurant, we passed this picturesque working mill on our way.         Cafe du Moulin Restaurant link


A relaxing glass of something cool out on the patio, formally seated in the Cafe du Moulin.


A coastal coach ride was enjoyed before arriving at our next destination, The Guernsey Clematis Nursery, which deals in wholesale goods and is therefore not usually open to the public. This tour was extremely interesting whether or not Clematis are "your cup of tea"


The Sunday shift of razor blade girls preparing cuttings which will be planted up tomorrow, the nursery grows and cultivates over 300 varieties of Clematis.


State of the art production, and a huge 3.5 million investment has Clematis rolling off the production line in vast numbers. They are exported to most parts of the world 40% to the UK


Clematis being grown on for potting and distribution.  Pictured are just a few of the vast range of varieties available to the wholesalers.


Some of the varieties I was allowed to photograph. Due to the enormous costs involved new varieties, which may have taken years to develop, are kept closely guarded.


We were all very kindly presented with a clematis to take home called 'Victor Hugo'


We were then off to St Peter's Port to explore, this being liberation day huge crowds were gathering to celebrate, we spent 3/4 of an hour taking in the atmosphere before heading back

 to the airport and our flight back to Newquay.


The view of Eden we were able to see from the aircraft on the way to Newquay Airport.


It was a super day, thank you to Carolyn and all the organisers



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