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A Time of Gifts at Eden 2005 /2006

From the Sub Tropical to Sub Zero

Skating Times

The Ice Rink opens 22nd October 2005 to February 2006 'A Time of Gifts', the winter-long party swings into action on 5 November until the 18th February 2005

 Friday and Saturday evenings.


The theme runs through the evenings with activities for the family including the Hero Hall of Fame, where visitors can pay tribute to their personal heroes, "Brave Mr Os Shadow Show", a shadow play devised especially for A Time of Gifts, and culminating in the Walk of Heroes a new lantern parade that finishes each night with a spectacular fire finale.




Throughout the A Time of Gifts season there will be music from the Eden band and song from the amazing voices of Angel Tongue






In December A Time of Gifts will have Christmas as its heart, with choirs, carol singers and brass bands in a landscape abundant with Christmas trees, including one giant specimen as a centrepiece.  Eden will be hosting Christmas parties and serving traditional Christmas food and drink in its award-winning restaurants and cafes.





The plan of this years Ice Rink, will also feature a Christmas tree in the centre.

The skating rink will be open until the 25th February 2006



   Please note no Wednesday or Thursday late opening from January.





 The Ice Rink open and the first skaters are on the Ice.  Viewing area is along one side

of the rink, where excited young faces wait their turn on the Ice.


 The Ice shop opens it's doors for the first time, selling lots of goodies that go well

with the Ice Rink, like thick Eden socks and gloves as well as nibbles.

Smiling faces at skating ticketing and the boot exchange tent.




The start of the construction of the Ice Skating Rink



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