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Canopy Season at Eden 2005

and Rain Forest Gathering.


The Rainforest Gathering Conference and Dinner from September 14-16, co-sponsored by Eden and the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, will not just be about the vital issue of deforestation.




The Rain forest gathering for pre-dinner drinks and entertainment by

 'The New Life Band' in the Warm temperate biome's citrus grove.


'Don' Eden's Tropics Curator introduced the Dinner Keynote Speaker Dr William F. Laurance.

 A Shared fate: ecological linkages between rainforests and the sea.


It was a thought provoking subject, and all the delegates attending the dinner, including myself

 were amazed  by the statistical facts concerning the amount of trees that are just abandoned and

left to float out to sea and eventually get washed up and cover miles of beaches.


The Dinner: Tender Chicken in a Papaya Sauce, Annasi, Banana Leaf Roasted Pork Loin,

 Spiced Rice with Macadamia, Rainforest Salad, Lime Baked Yams and Sweet Potato.

(pictured above) Coconut Bread Pudding, Rain Forest Brownie, Costa Rican Fruit Salad.

After Dinner speaker, Brian Leith, head of Granada Wild and exclusive producer of Deep Jungle Television series 'Filming Forests'.


A really good evening, thank you to Don and all the organisers.  On the way out you couldn't miss

 The Core glowing like a jewel in the darkness.


Canopy Season at Eden 2004

Exploring life on a different level

The Canopy Season is a celebration of the life that exists in these unknown frontiers and the new exciting work taking place up there.  Now it's time to start Looking Up into the rainforest.


The Big Canopy Conversation on the 16th and 17th September will include keynote talks from an array of pioneering canopy scientists from all over the world. There will be invited guests NGOs, government officers, corporate business and the media. There will also be a public gallery where visitors can drop in and listen to the discussions.



In the Dome Tent there will be displays, talks and workshops.

In the Humid Tropics Biome there will be rope access demonstrations plus the Eden performance team and circus performers.  'Flybot' helium airship will be circling the biome.


 It's amazing what  takes place high up in the tree tops. You never know what or who you may find up there, as it's almost an unknown world, the forest equivalent of diving to the ocean depths.



Coming in 2005,  Eden plan to have their very own canopy walkway, a new treetop route through the Humid Tropics Biome.


Shield Bugs and Plumed Basilisk Lizards - performances in the HTB









More info on the Global Canopy Program

 More info on  Pro-Natura International


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