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The Mediterranean Basin

Culture's Cradle


The Greeks spread as far afield as the olives will grow, the Romans as far as the vine.

Some say that the Mediterranean is the shape of the shade of the olive tree.

Landscapes in the Mediterranean look natural but are shaped by mankind.

Mediterranean vegetation has been burnt by people for hunting, and cut for shelter and firewood, for hundreds of thousand of years. Wood was a common building material, and when charcoal was used to smelt iron, the Ancient Greeks and Romans caused severe deforestation and suffered from the resulting soil erosion. Have we learnt the lesson yet?



The golden river of olive oil                             Tomato  Tree 05/11/01


Warm Temperate Biome 05/11/01


Views at night are link another world.  Oranges in the WTB


Citrus rivers WTB 19/01/02                           Spring flowers 08/03/02



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