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09/05/17 Katherine pictured in her South Western Australia garden which was officially opened this morning by  The Hon Alexander Downer A C  High commissioner for Australia.


09/05/17 Tim was present and talking to invited guests.


09/05/17 Sound bits being recorded by Radio Cornwall.


09/05/17 It was an happy early morning occasion. It started at 8.30 am with smiles all round.


09/05/17 The media were well represented. Paul (left from St Austell Voice) talking to Tim (right)


09/05/17 After the speeches breakfast was served featuring Kangaroo sausages, very nice they were too. 


03/05/17 Spring flowers and a Spring clean all around Eden.


03/05/17 A massive job to completely renew the floor in the stage area.


03/05/17 Out with the old and in with the new flooring. This floor holds the Ice Rink in the winter with an extra stage on top for the Eden Sessions in Summer.


03/05/17 The bee is out of hibernation and needs a spruce up to get Eden really buzzing again.


03/05/17 Taking stock in the Med Biome


03/05/17 Sweet small of fraises floating over the Australian garden.


03/05/17 Aizoaceae brings colour to the East corner of the Med Biome.


03/05/17 Poached Egg Flower near the Bee and blue Biomes.


Natures Powerful Elements Sculptures




03/05/17 Here is big air bag to drop onto.  Sorry I'm just not brave enough.


03/05/17 Come and see Eden for yourself.


01/04/17 It's Easter holidays and there's lots of Easter fun at Eden.


01/04/17 Hook the lucky duck or get the egg in the hole, there's lots to try.


01/04/17 Nest the Egg, takes a bit of skill.  Find the eggs in all sorts of places.


01/04/17 Eggs are hidden anywhere.  Get your card stamped at each challenge and collect your prize from the egg exchange.


01/04/17 In the Med Biome Spring is here.


01/04/17 Southwest Australia is now all planted up and looking super.


01/04/17 In the Rainforest Biome The Jade Vine is in flower.


19/03/17 Slightly overcast today so lets go into the tropics & and enjoy the Rainforest.


19/03/17 Here are some of the fruits of the forest. The Brazilian grapetree, they look like large black grapes, but taste like a grape crossed with an litchi.


19/03/17 The Cloud Bridge is lots of fun for the children and grownup alike.


19/03/17 Swamp circus girls were also hanging around in the Rainforest.


19/03/17 Eden visitors enjoyed some amazing high level acrobatics.


19/03/16 What better way to open a Rainforest walk way.


19/03/17 In the Med Biome The West Australia garden is laid out ready for planting.  Diana here getting some exhibits ready.




19/03/17 A chefs street party was happening near the Link Kitchen. Dinner was being created using recycled food anyone could join in.


16/03/17 An evening VIP event for founders and supporters of Eden.  The first chance to walk the Wobbly Bridge, shelter under the rain shack and get wafted by the Cloud Bridge.


16/03/17 Edenís Director of Interpretation, Dr Jo Elworthy seen here enjoying the fruits of her hard work and all the team that built the walk way.


16/03/17 The Weather Maker Earth.  Looking down the Cloud Bridge, cross if you dare!


16/03/17 A perfect cloud is formed every few minutes, great fun getting caught in the middle of the bridge.


John Dyer and family just crossed the Cloud Bridge.  Speeches from  Edenís Managing Director, Gordon Seabright, Dr Jo Elworthy, Professor Richard Betts from the Met Office, and the chair of Edenís Trustees, Edward Benthall,


15/03/17 Eden on an overcast day, still beautiful what ever the weather.


15/03/17 Eden's Grand steps aglow with Spring colour.


15/03/17 Green Team at work in the gardens.  In the Rainforest Biome a lot of planting and freshen up for the coming weekend.  The opening of the Weather Maker Walk, Wobbly Rope Bridge.


15/03/17 Not opening until Easter Western Australia is coming along nicely, here you will find many unusual plants.


15/03/17 Ready to be planted in Eden's Australia.


15/03/17 In the Rainforest Biome, The Research Camp head quarters.


15/03/17 The Waterfall and the wobbly rope bridge.


15/03/17 An incredible beautiful orchard growing on a tree, work in the Rainforest.


15/03/17 Unusual items to be found in the gardens, are the Black palm and what only I could call ceramic fossil cores.






04/03/17 It's The World Pasty Championship and what a lot of pasties were entered.


04/03/17 Pasty judges doing a fine job of tasting every pasty entered. Head Judge, Dave Meneer sporting a Blue Peter Badge this year.


04/03/17 Barney, from Blue Peter and Kernow King being interviewed on Camera.


04/03/17 This old gentleman told me he had been living in the Rainforest Biome for over two months.


04/03/17 Among the entertainment acts were The Countrymen in the Med Biome.


04/03/17  Fishermanís Friends on the stage area.


04/03/17 The Oggy Oscars. Megan Packer takes the Open Savoury Junior. Gluten-free went to Samantha Burgess.


Open Savoury Company, went to Cornish Premier Pasties.


Open savoury Professional, David Timmins. Open Savoury Amateur, Don McKeever & baby.


Cornish Pasty Professional, Garry Ramier from Canada. Cornish Pasty Amateur, Vanessa Farr.


Cornish Pasty Ambassador 2017,  Ruth Huxley of Cornwall Food and Drink.




24/02/17 Spring is arriving all over Eden.


24/02/17 Lots of fragrance around The Med Biome.


24/02/17 The Wobbly Rope Bridge, scaffolding gone but not open yet until mid March.


24/02/17 The Rain making station under construction, looks very educational and you may get wet.  It looks very exciting. 


24/02/17 The new Western Australian Zone nearly ready for planting in the Med Biome.


24/02/17 The annual event dismantling the Ice Rink.


24/02/17 Spring is well on it's way.  The hedge on the right of the flower bed has gone!


10/02/17 Catherine gave a talk to visitors and staff of Eden in the Gallery on her visit to Western Australia, featuring some of the plants that will be planted in the Med Biome.


08/02/17 Eden on a sunny Spring like day.


08/02/17 Just completed a new rope bridge in the Rainforest Biome opening in a few days time.


08/02/17 The scaffolding will shortly be removed.


08/02/17 Note the Bronze Leaves on the rails, purchased by friends and supporters of Eden to help to raise money to built these walk ways. There's still room for more buy yours now.


08/02/17 You may see a Roul Roul as you travel round the Rainforest.   Harvesting the rubber.


08/02/17 In the Med Biome there's a sweet smell of Hyacinths among other flowers.


08/02/17 Tons of soil being replaced in the Med Biome for the Australian exhibit which should be ready by Easter.  The WEEE man has gone away for a while.  I understand new classrooms will be build here, while the Core is refurbished.  Eden never stands still there's always something new.

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