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Eden's New Biome Complex and Learning Lift

Live on BBC TV News 1st October 2002

The presenter is pointing out the site of the new biome complex


The arid biome will demonstrate    the importance of water for life.  It will incorporate an oasis and many other features.  Part of the new Biome complex will be a Learning Lift to move people around the building.  It is rumoured to be costing around 75 million to build.

Exact time scale of the build is not know yet.

All the above has been scraped and new plans put on show on the 3ed March 2003 showing a completely different design.  It's called a warped tennis racket, below are what the plans look like.  The new structure is to be built in exactly the same place as pointed out by the presenter above.                'The New Phase 4'



  Paul Travers, Eden's media man, said, "This is a radical new design and will look amazing when finished"  It is also planed to build escalates from the top to the bottom of the site. It is rumoured that it will be powered by water!  The visitor centre is to be moved up the cliff and car parking rearranged around it.

There is also a plan to build the education building which is much needed.  This will be built where the tented structures are at this time.  Many thousands of school children visit Eden each year,  it will be good to have a permanent building.

All this is said to be costing  around 107 million pounds and work should start this summer and finish by the end of 2004. 


To see the model or plan full size click on either.  These are the plans that were displayed in St Austell, in the Councils 'Engine Room' for the public to comment on.


(Thank you to the BBC for the use of these scans at the top of the page)

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