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   Places to stay near Eden


See the pictures here first! Cameras used Olympus SP-570UZ and Canon 500D

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30/04/09  Delicious home made cakes in the link building and don't forget to try the Toffee Vodka in the Eden shop.


30/04/09 Energy saving devices in the Eden shop and lots of plants there too.


30/04/09 Brighter outlook exhibit by the link building.  Not Eden, but my drive, just to remind us it's blue bell time.


28/04/09 Gorse blooming and giving off it's honey flavoured fragrance near the entrance to Eden.


28/04/09 Petals at full stretch in the tulip field. Something quite magical and relaxing as they sit enjoying the afternoon suns rays. A promise of something scary in the Rainforest Biome!


28/04/09 All sorts of goings on near the Malaysian hut. You are advised to move quickly on and avoid the fast moving Triffids! I am told these huge carnivorous plants with the ability to move will not be a feature to stay in the Biome.


28/04/09 The jungle is an exciting place with many tropical plants in flower.


28/04/09 Waterfall in the Rainforest Biome.  There's still colour in the Med Biome, although the main early bulb flowing is now over for this season.


28/04/09 A quick change over from flowing bulbs to cropping tomatoes in the seasonal part on the Med Biome.




11/04/09 Sunny Easter Saturday at Eden.


11/04/09 Tulips


11/04/09 Stunning blooms in the Med Biome.


11/04/09 Paintings by Anthony Eyton RA, 'Evolution of a Clay Pit' on show in the Core Building.


05/04/09 Spring is well under way, plants seem to be growing everywhere.


05/04/09 The Shiny new coating on the Grand Steps enhances the flower beds.


05/04/09 On stage you will find the amazingly messy, but absolute fun 'Colour Explosion'.


05/04/09 Overalls are provided and there's a clean up zone, just as well.


05/04/09 Less messy but still lot of fun is the 'Bigger Picture' every one gets a chance to draw and colour a small part that will eventually cover the entire wall.


05/04/09 'The Bigger Picture' features the 'Big Lunch'       A view in the Med Biome.






22/03/09 Mothers day 2009 at Eden.


22/03/09 A lovely day to treat mum out to lunch.


22/03/09 Basket making in an idyllic spot.


22/03/09 Firestone Irish Dancers entertain all in the Med Biome

Watch video      Firestone's web site


22/03/09 After all that exercise time for a some turkey lunch.


22/03/09 For every mum on leaving a bunch of daffodils


21/03/09 Tulips  (negrita)   and   (Lambada)


21/03/09  Tulips  (newdesign)


15/03/09 Now's the time to visit Eden!


12/03/09 Spring has sprung at Eden, come and see it now!


12/03/09  Choose your favourite Cornish daffodil or tulip.


09/03/09 Step into Spring at Eden.


09/03/09 Sunny day in the daffodil fields.


09/03/09 Thousands of potted daffodils are used in the displays.


09/03/09 Come and enjoy Eden now and take in the colour.


09/03/09 Tulipa Saxatilis Bakeri Group.


09/03/09 This is Benedict from Italy with a guess how much water these items need in their production.


09/03/09 Spring is in the air at Eden.


09/03/09 Tree ferns having a spring clean.  Don't for get to pick up a loaf of Eden Stone ground flour bread as you pass through the shop, tomato one is really good, wonderful with soup.


05/03/09 St Pryan's Day,  Hyacinths line the Eden Street and there is a dazzling array of colour in the Med Biome, all part of Eden's Spring collection.


05/03/09 Fragrant daffodils in the Med Biome, where the Eden gardeners were discussing the flower arrangements in order to keep it all looking at it's best over the flowering season.


05/05/09 Tulips flowering now in the Med Biome and the peach  trees look wonderful too.


05/03/09 Nathan, one of Eden's pollinators, explaining that the huge lemon 'citrus medica'  would not be very good in a gin and tonic, as it has a very thick skin and not much juice.

Captions welcomed for the second picture?


05/03/09 St Pryan's day was celebrated at Eden with flags and stories.


03/03/09 Eden's Carolyn and Tony Foster, with his mini paint box, after a talk to the friends of Eden in the Foundation Building.  There was a chance to buy his new book and get it signed. Thank you Carol for the first picture.


26/02/09 The first of the Tulips are in bloom in the Med Biome, this ones called 'Swan Wings'

Lots of Free Trade goodies and locally made Liqueurs for tasting in the Eden Shop


20/02/09 The  Eden Street is lined with tubs of Daffodils.  The grand steps is good spot to take a photo.


20/02/09 The Ice Rink has only a few days left before the spring meltdown.


20/02/09 Little bees have joined the big bee, and tulips are growing in the Med Biome


20/02/09 The Freshly watered soil is a good place to find a worm.


20/02/09 Peach blossom in the Med Biome.  Come on then who's going the run the Eden marathon next October?  Start training now to be ready?


13/02/09 Spring flowers and romance is in the air as Valentines approaches at Eden.


13/02/09 A chance to have lunch outside as preparations are being made for the Valentines Masked Ball which takes place tomorrow evening in the Link Building.


07/02/09 Daffodils line the Eden's Street and the first of the crocuses are in bloom.


07/02/09 Spring is springing all around Eden.


07/02/09 The Massed bulbs in the Med Biome are getting ready for the display of the season.


07/02/09 Peach blossom in all shades of pink in the Med Biome.


07/02/09 African Hemp and Krantz Aloe in the Med Biome


07/02/09 Cape Aloe are looking fantastic in full flower.


07/02/09 Coral Aloe taking it's name from the colour of it's flower.


07/02/09 The Med Biome has some amazing colour at this time.


07/02/09 The Almond tree is flowering and there are delicate alpine Narcissus in flower too.


07/02/09 The only snow and Ice to be found at Eden is in the Rink! This is kiddies time on the Ice Rink.


18/01/09 After a stormy night a cloudless day over Eden.


18/01/09 Blues, browns, greens and yellows.


26/12/08 Blue skies and long shadows illuminate Eden. The sun shines into the Ice Rink.


26/12/08 Brilliant yellow early Daffs wave their heads, as the Main crop wait their turn.



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Places to stay near Eden

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